Welcome to Whippletree Farm

Our specialty is growing greens (our salad mix is a customer favourite!), herbs and bunched root veggies that delight your taste buds and are packed full of nutrients. Our produce is harvested the day before or the of day of pick-up, so that you get the freshest and most nutrient-dense food possible.

Salad mix is our most popular product. The content of the mix varies through the year depending on seasonality of the different greens we grow. The summer mix will be primarily made up of lettuce leaves, while the winter mix will have unusual cold hearty greens such as claytonia, baby beet leaves, arugula, baby kale and others. This is a great way to eat local and seasonally all year round.

High Quality

We offer fresh, local vegetables grown on our farm and add selection from other farms in the Annapolis Valley.


You get to choose which vegetables that you want every week and how much - no commitments, no overdosing on kale or getting things that you or your family don't like. Just what you want and how much.


Pick-up at the farm every Wednesday from 4 to 8 pm. And if you can't make it, we make arrangements so you can get your veggies!

Farming is really hard work. Want to know why we do it? Because we have the best customers!

"I can’t think of words that describe how much we have been enjoying your greens. We are so lucky to have Whippletree Farm in our neighbourhood. Thank you for your dedication." - Diane, Smith's Cove

~ ~ ~

"Everything is fresh and wonderful tasting, especially the greens - they are fantastic" - Bev, Round Hill