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Celebrate summer with zucchini, basil, broccoli, garlic scapes, new potatoes and sugar snap peas!!

Posted on by Stewart Fotheringham

These are all the new crops we'll have at the Annapolis market on Saturday, June 22nd. We'll have limited quantities as it's the beginning of the summer harvest, so come by early to avoid disappointment! We'll also have ever popular kale, salad mix, hakurei turnips, radishes, and green onions. 

Upcoming veggies

Posted on by Stewart Fotheringham

Crops are growing really well with the perfect combo of rain and sun-here's a sneak peak at the upcoming veggies.

Baby Sugar Snap peas!

New potatoes are almost ready.

First Zucchini of 2013!

Sungolds, how we missed you!

Head lettuce


Romain-so photogenic.

Kale on Left, Broccoli on right.

Might have Broccoli in a week or two.

Third planting of Peas.

Scads of Scallions.

Hakurei-the king of turnips.

Winter squash going into a living mulch of overwintered red and crimson clover.



Garlic is in!

Posted on by Stewart Fotheringham

While the weather was warm and sunny this past weekend we completed our annual garlic planting: about 8,000 cloves are now in the ground and nicely protected with 25 bales of straw, ready to take on the rain and wind of tropical storm Sandy!

We must say this was the most pleasant garlic planting we've ever had, it was such a pleasure! Usually we get the cloves in by mid-November and it's cold and rainy, our fingers freezing as we push the cloves the ground. However, this year it was a scene of bare feet and t-shirts!

Needless to say, we're looking forward to the garlicky harvest next summer...