Whippletree Farm / About Us

We have been living and working on farms in rural Nova Scotia for several years, and are thrilled to finally have our own farm to call home in Round Hill. Food, the environment and social justice have long been important to us, and farming encompasses all of these things. We are part of a new generation of farmers who weren't raised on farms, but have a passion for hard work, living in rural communities and being involved with what we eat and how it's raised. We are starting from scratch, learning along the way and trying to make the world a better place one acre at a time...

One very important aspect of our farm is that we use horse power. Stewart found his way to horse farming through using horses in the woods to harvest logs in a sustainable way. Trained as a woodworker and wooden boat-builder, he was interested in sourcing his own wood, which led him to a horse-logging apprenticeship at Haliburton Forest in Ontario. Now he incorporates horse work in the fields in the spring, summer and fall, and uses the horses to haul firewood and lumber from our FSC-certified woodlots in the winter.  
Our team of draft horses, Deedee and Stormy, are Suffolk Punches, which is an endangered breed of work horse in Canada. They originated in Suffolk County, England and were known as the quintessential farm work horse.  If you'd like to know more about this breed and other rare breeds of farm animals, visit www.rarebreedscanada.ca/index.htm and www.suffolkpunch.com.